2020 Mini Cooper Countryman Prices, Reviews, and Pictures


The 2020 Mini Cooper Countryman is a great choice if you are looking for classic Mini design in a practical crossover shape. The Mini Cooper Countryman shares its architecture with 10Best-winning BMW X1. This is evident in the refined road manners and practical back seat. Three engines are available, all turbocharged. The base Cooper has a 134-hp engine, while the Cooper S Countryman has a 189hp four-cylinder. There is also a plug-in hybrid powertrain that combines the turbo-3 and an electric motor for the Cooper S E Countryman. With the standard engines, all-wheel drive is an option. It’s standard with the hybrid. The Countryman models aren’t as playful as the Minis, but they can still be fun to drive on back roads and can even go shopping without worrying about whether everything will fit.

What’s new for 2020?

The most significant change in the 2020 Mini Cooper Countryman’s design is the addition of a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission to front-wheel drive base and S models. The eight-speed automatic transmission is now standard on ALL4 models. A conventional manual gearbox is not available at the moment. Mini’s Active Driver Assistant bundles many driver assistance and is now available on all models. All S models, including the Base Cooper ALL4 model, have standard adaptive LED fog lights and headlights. Cooper S models with all-wheel drive get more standard features, such as Comfort Access and automatic temperature control. The options list includes new designs for 18-inch and 19-inch wheels. The Mini Countryman plug-in hybrid gets a larger battery pack, which gives it a little more electric-only driving range.

Pricing and Which One To Buy

If you are looking for a 2020 Mini Countryman this is the one to choose. It offers the best combination of performance and daily livability. Standard equipment includes standard 18-inch wheels and tires, adaptive led headlights, rear parking sensors and a panoramic sunroof. Sport seats are also included. Comfort Access, automatic climate control, heated seats and Comfort Access are all included in the $2000 All-wheel Drive. You can personalize your Mini Countryman in many ways. There are also options for adaptive dampers that improve ride and handling. A head-up display gives you a feeling of a small SUV.

Engine, Transmission, & Performance

There are two powertrain options for the Countryman: a standard front-wheel drive or an optional all-wheel drive. Except for the plug-in model with a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission, all front-drive models have an eight speed automatic. The Countryman’s 3,300-plus-pound Countryman weighs in at 3,300 pounds. However, the base engine is a turbocharged three-cylinder of 134 horsepower. Cooper S models use a turbocharged four-cylinder with 189 horsepower. An all-wheel-drive Countryman S was previously tested with a six speed manual gearbox, which is not currently available. It was more than two seconds faster to 60 mph than its base counterpart. The Cooper S E Countryman plug-in hybrid is the fastest, but also the most expensive. The engine is a three-cylinder gasoline engine that drives the front wheels via a six-speed auto and a rear-drive electric motor powered by a 9.6-kWh lithium-ion battery. You can charge it at either a 120-volt, or 240-volt outlet. It takes seven hours to charge the battery using standard 120-volt house power and slightly more than three hours with 240 volts. The Countryman is not like other Mini models. It feels solid and stable behind the wheel. The Countryman’s calm disposition is not a negative thing. It’s different than other Mini models which are openly playful. Our test vehicles were not equipped with Mini’s adjustable dampers (a bundle option), which would have likely mitigated the harsh ride quality that Countryman models with 18 inch wheels experienced. The plug-in model had a large dead spot at its top and the regenerative function was not well integrated.

Fuel Economy and Real World MPG

Regardless of the engine and transmission combination, the three-cylinder Countryman model and the four-cylinder S model are nearly identical in EPA city-highway estimates. They also compete with other models. The Cooper S and Cooper S are now equipped with a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. They have a combined EPA fuel efficiency rating of 29 mpg and 28 mpg respectively. The hybrid Countryman gets 27 mpg when combined. Although the AWD versions of the base or S Countryman models have lower EPA highway ratings (31-32 vs 33 mpg), their combined-mpg ratings remain similar. The ALL4 Countryman S has a combined rating of 26 mpg. The 2020 Mini Countryman S E has an upgraded battery pack and is EPA rated to provide 16 miles of electric-only range, compared to 12 last year.

Interior, Comfort, & Cargo

Minimalist design is the Countryman’s interior. It includes gimmicky elements like an infotainment system in a large circular case in the dash, toggle switches to control items such as interior lights, ignition, or the standard automatic start/stop system. The Countryman cabin is a well-built, high-quality, and spacious, with plenty of space for passengers. Although the rear bench seat is high enough to provide long-haul comfort, the Convenience package must be purchased in order to add an armrest. The Countryman has plenty of storage spots to store smaller items. However, the cargo area is smaller than smaller alternatives. The cargo area and back seat are both noteworthy. The Countryman’s vast underfloor storage area is taken up by the spare tire.

Connectivity and Infotainment

The Countryman is equipped with a 6.5-inch screen as standard. However, the Technology package includes an 8.8-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay capability and navigation. The system can be controlled by touch inputs, a control knob under the shifter or voice commands. It boasts intuitive menu structures and high quality graphics.

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